Wow! I am so elated to write this article as a bibliophile. Reading to your kids is so important. Reading a favorite book to your child aloud:

  • Stimulates their imagination and expands their understanding of the world
  • Helps them develop language and listening skills
  • Prepares them to understand the written word
  • Helps improve vocabulary and support the basics for their academics
  • Helps parents develop a bond with their child
  • Gives your children a sense of intimacy and well-being

In this way, the child feels close to you with feelings of love and attention thereby encouraging positive growth and development.   

Benefit of reading to your child

List of 10 must read books:

Every book has its own benefits for kids in some or the other way. Here I am listing down 10 must-read books for kids between 5 to 14 years of age. These books can be read anytime, anywhere, and trust me you and your child both will enjoy the reading time.

  1. The Wonderful Things You Will Be – Emily Winfield Martin: “This is the first time, there’s ever been you, so I wonder what wonderful things, you will do…” This is a timeless poem about growing up. The author explores and narrates all the wonderful things your child can be as he/ she grows up. He chooses to be brave, bold, creative, and wise. This book is filled with beautiful, quirky illustrations and clever rhyme. Parents will love to read this book to their children practically at any age as they consider all the possibilities that lie ahead. It has an enduring message of love and acceptance as the child grows that is universal.
  2. Great stories for children – Ruskin Bond: Great stories for children is a potpourri of short stories that effectively transports the readers to fascinating endearing characters perfect for kids.
  3. The Little Engine that Could: This cute little storybook offers plenty of encouragement to your child whenever he feels sad or discouraged. This classic story explores diverse topics such as relativism, hard work, and perseverance. The story revolves around a little train that breaks down. It has to carry the toys and food over the mountains for the girls and boys. Atlas, a little engine agrees to help when the little blue engine says “I think I can, I think I can” until it starts up the mountain.  
  4. My Grandparent’s bag of stories – Sudha Murty: India’s favorite author Sudha Murty brings to you immortal tales that she fondly created amidst the lockdown period. Your kids can turn to these stories to seek comfort and find the magic in sharing and caring with others.
  5. Giraffes Can’t Dance – If your child is shy, here is a sweet little title for him. The story is about Gerald the giraffe who is not a talented dancer. He gets sad and doubtful when other animals tease him. Though, he figures out a dance at the end that makes everyone amazed. This is an appropriate book to raise self-confidence in kids. This book also brings up the concept of bullying and self-love. Moreover, its rhyming verses keep the children engaged.
  6. Pete the Cat – Phonics books: This is a major hit amongst kids. This phonics set is sure to keep your kids interestingly engaged. It will also encourage them to try reading on their own. These books feature long and short vowels with sight words. It is great to introduce letter sounds with these books till your child turns into an independent reader.
  7. BOB Books (Set 1): This set is indicated for beginner readers. It is ideal for parents wanting to raise their kids as independent readers. Children as young as 3 years can be introduced to these books. The best thing about the books is that it only covers 4 letters per book. Once the child is confident reading set 1 on their own; they can graduate to set 2. The next box contains books with short stories where your little ones can build their confidence in reading as they grow.  
  8. A Little Book of Happiness: This book explores good mental health and happiness of our children. Gift your 9-year-old this amazing book and I’m sure he’s going to enjoy reading it. Ruskin bond has brought together his own observations, about the people he admires in the form of poems and beautiful write-ups.   
  9. She Can – You Can: I would recommend parents to read this inspirational book not only to their daughters but to their sons too. I’m currently reading this book to my 4-year son and he is amazed. It is age appropriate for teenage kids as they can carry off real inspirational stories from this book. It includes the achievements of pioneering female scientists, doctors, activists, painters, dancers, astronauts, political leaders, and people from different walks of life.  
  10. The Book of Letting Go: “Letting go is the bottom-line key to happiness” says author Hugh Prather. He offers a simple 3 step process to shed prejudices, preconceptions, and prejudgments and face each moment with openness and enthusiasm with a spiritual touch. A perfect book for 12 to 14+-year-olds to help them grow as responsible and happy individuals.

I hope these tried and tested handpicked books by me motivate you and your kids to nurture the art of reading forever!  

Happy Reading.