Extensive preparation for 7+, 8+ and 11+ verbal and non verbal reasoning exams held in UK along with other reasoning based competitive exams

  • Topics covered: Critical and out of the box thinking, verbal, numerical, logical, and visual reasoning, and general knowledge aspects.
  • Verbal Reasoning - analogies, sequence, synonyms, antonyms, decoding, word formation, word arrangement in a sentence, direction problems and multi-step critical thinking problems.
  • Visual Reasoning - sequence, patterns, finding the odd one out, decoding the code assigned to the shape, cubes and dice and completing the grid, mirror images, paper folding, paper cutting.
  • Numerical Reasoning – Complete the next series of numbers, complete the missing numbers in the matrix, out of the box word problems – covering addition, subtraction, division and multiplication, finding the odd numeral, measurements, and Venn diagrams.
  • Logical Reasoning- Seating arrangements, deductions, data sufficiency, decision making.
  • The above is only an indicative list. The sessions will be designed to match the sample papers provided by the parent. Different exams have emphasis on different topics. Hence, the topic list will be customised accordingly.

  • Session Format: Sessions are designed in a fun format which includes unique story telling approach along with and theme-based topics. The objective is to drive the play-way method of learning. Example: Imagine your child on a trip to space, solving reasoning and critical thinking activities on this journey and learning facts about space and planets too. Learning does not get more fun!
  • Customised 1x1 sessions which can be moulded as per the areas that need more focus.
  • After sufficient coverage of topics, there will be regular practice tests which best matches the sample papers for which the child is to be trained for.
  • Mock timed exams to be held closer to the actual exam to enable mental preparedness and suitable exam management skills – such as time spent on questions, maximum attempts, and building the desired speed in problem solving.
  • Tutors: Professional, friendly, best in class tutors handpicked and trained by Neeta Khilnani, the concept creator. Our main objective is to make each child comfortable for best learning experience.
  • Batch size: 2 to 5 kids in a batch at any point in time for personalised attention.
  • Other competitive exams: We also offer coaching for the Gifted and Talented Program/exams conducted in the USA or other competitive exams which test on reasoning and critical thinking on the same guidelines as above.

If you have a specific training requirement for your child on reasoning and critical thinking, fill in your details and we will get in touch.

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101 IQ + Reasoning Activities pack for Grade 1, 2 and 3

This workbook has a collection of 101 IQ Boosting and Reasoning activities for Grade 1, 2 and 3. It is a black and white spiral-binded copy packed with activities which will make your child think out of the box.


  • This booklet contains 101 logical reasoning + IQ boosting activities ideal for Grade 1, 2 and 3. There are 200+ sub-questions.
  • It covers all branches of reasoning – logical, visual, verbal and numerical reasoning, coding-decoding, general knowledge-based activities and riddles, vocabulary building, creative thinking and a lot more brain stimulating activities.

How will it help?

  • Reasoning-based activities and puzzles are an established method to enhance a child’s IQ.
  • Creative thinking activities taps left and right brain aspects leading to overall brain development.
  • Complementary to school curriculum supporting academic growth.
  • Revision of key life skills – measurements, directions, numbers, money, distance and a lot more in a practical and fun format.
  • Enhance general knowledge, problem solving and logical thinking skills.

Ships in 2 days; delivery within 10 business days.

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Let’s deep dive into Critical Thinking and Reasoning

Critical thinking is the ability to think out of the box to solve a problem. It is about your ability to connect the dots and look beyond the obvious. To be able to spot an underlying similarity between two seemingly two differing figures is a challenging mind training activity. Such kind of activities develops the ability to think creatively and logically which helps not only in academics but also in real life challenges. It helps develop your personality, making you smarter, confident and happy.

Verbal Reasoning

Verbal reasoning as the name suggests is finding out hidden relationships between a set of alphabets, words, or a passage. In simple language, it means the ability to understand what you read or hear. It aims at evaluating one’s ability to think and solve problems constructively in different ways. Further, it is absolutely fun as kids almost turn into a detective hunting for the pattern!

The best thing you can do to improve your child’s verbal reasoning is to encourage them to read. Reading regularly to your child at an early age gives a kick-start as they are building their vocabulary and general knowledge.

You can read more about verbal reasoning here:
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Visual Reasoning

Visual reasoning tests the ability to understand the relationship between different visual images given in the question. The activities carried out in visual reasoning revolve around concepts such as symmetry, rotation, mirror, shapes, and size, and involve more visual pictures and diagrams rather than words. Forming simple patterns and sequences through images can be introduced to kids as young as 3 years.

Numerical Reasoning

Numerical reasoning is a psychometric assessment that is designed to test children’s numerical aptitude, competency, and math skills. Numerical reasoning has its own benefits. It helps children to start preparing for school. Numerical reasoning has a great benefit on a child’s personality. Practicing numerical reasoning through activities supports problem-solving and goes a long way in processing their thinking skills. Hence, math-related activities are a great way of developing a child’s numerical abilities.

Read more about numerical reasoning here:
Numerical reasoning for kids
Logical reasoning for kids

Logical Reasoning

Logical reasoning is a tool for mental aptitude development that enables a child make a rational decision by analyzing a particular situation. Logical reasoning is also called as non- verbal reasoning. It requires an understanding of attributes, relationships and sequence. It is an important form of informal learning for kids that helps in solving problems in daily routine.

  • Logical reasoning helps your child to think beyond the usual academic subjects.
  • It challenges your child’s brain to think creatively, to form meaningful patterns from what seem like random numbers, letters or shapes. In process, the right side of the brain which controls cognitive functions such as attention, imagination, processing of visual shapes and patterns is adequately tapped. If you notice, these are skills hardly touched upon in a child’s schooling, with majority of the emphasis being on left side brain development which controls memory, reading, writing and calculations.
  • Including logical reasoning training will result in a comprehensive coverage of left and right side aspects leading to a boost in IQ (intelligent quotient) making the child think smarter. This will not only help the child in academic performances but also help in acquiring any new skill in future. Moreover, it will support the child navigate any situation in life.

These are good enough reasons to introduce this key critical thinking aspect to your child between the age of 4 to 8 years. By this age, kids begin to understand problems and find ways of solving them.

How does Reasoning benefit?

The popularity of Olympiads and competitive exams for kids is growing. Parents are hunting for solutions to improve the thinking skills of their children. We all understand that reasoning skills are an indispensable part of a child’s development and early learning. But most of us fail to understand why?

Here’s the truth: your child is not going to remain under your protective wings forever. He/she has to face the real world and deal with different circumstances. And without having the skill to reason and apply logic, your child is going to have a hard time. Reasoning skills help ease the process of problem-solving, which is a stepping stone to success. Inducing the development of logical reasoning in kids at an early age helps improve their mental abilities. Children also develop higher levels of cognitive activity and begin to possess an increased capability to solve problems, intuitively and creatively.

My childhood was different. Back then, we did not have exposure to advanced skills that have become a must-have these days. My first encounter with Logical Reasoning was when I was preparing for MBA entrance exams. As I prepared for the CAT (Common Aptitude Test), CET and XAT exams, I realized the importance of reasoning skills and why it is essential to develop them right from childhood. Learning them all of a sudden was a bottle-neck situation for me and this is something we need to avoid for your growing children.

It is not without a reason that schools in the United States and United Kingdom have a separate subject based on Logic from Grade 1. On the other hand, in India, we are introduced to logic only when we start preparing for competitive exams. Obviously, changing the education system is not an option for parents like us, but we can give them the opportunity to learn smartly. We can definitely look for resources which can give our kids an opportunity to think out-of-the-box and fully expand and utilize their growing minds for a brighter future.

With this objective, I created some unique out of the box activities which encompass the brain tickling topics of reasoning and critical thinking. My brochure has the age wise sample activities which you can do with your child. There are visually engaging, creative, unique and out of the box at the same time.

Download my brochure from here!

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