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All About Math Kangaroo

All about Math Kangaroo

Kangaroo Math Competition (KMC) is an annual Math competition for primary and secondary students. This competition is held at the National and International level where there are more than 6 million participants annually from 92 countries.

Hence it claims to be the largest Math competition for school students in the world. It is synonymously called Mathematical Kangaroo, International Mathematical Kangaroo, Kangaroo challenge or Kangourou Sans Frontieres in French.


Who invented Math Kangaroo?

Mathematicians in Australia first came up with an idea to organize a competition that underlines the joy of mathematics and encourages math problem- solving. In 1978 Peter O’ Halloran a Math teacher in Sydney invented a new game in Australian schools; where multiple- choice questions that could be corrected by computer was being conducted. At the same time both in France and all over the world a widely supported movement was conducted towards the popularization of Mathematics. The name ‘Kangaroo’ was named by two French teachers to pay tribute to their Australian friends who decided the competition in France in the year 1991. It is called Kangourou in French.

Kangaroo Math is growing in leaps and bounds since 1995 in France. The association Kangourou Sans Frontiѐres (Kangaroo without borders) is an international association found in France. Its main activity is to design the annual Kangaroo challenge and manage it on an international level. The organization of the competition in individual countries is upto the members of Kangourou Sans Frontieres.

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Who conducts Math Kangaroo?

Math Kangaroo Competition is a type of competitive exam conducted by the International Olympiad Academy in India as well as overseas.

Who can participate?

The competition has six levels of participation where grades ranging from 1st to 12th grades can participate. The key competence tested by Math Kangaroo is not only pure knowledge of formulas but the logical combination of concepts. Only individuals who are registered can take the online exam. Interested schools can participate through both online and offline mode. The offline exams will be conducted by the designated person in the respective school.

What does the exam consist of?

The Kangaroo Math is a 90- minute exam. There are multiple choice problems that are not standard notebook problems and cover a variety of topics. For grades 5 to 12 there will be 30 questions worth 120 points. For grades 1 to 4 there will be 24 questions worth 96 points. Pens pencils, erasers, rulers and other geometric instruments are allowed. With each incorrect answer 1 mark is deducted. There is no negative marking.


Who qualifies?

The first-round perfect scorer will appear in the final round of competition. Students who score higher than 95% in the final round will receive a perfect score award, a gold medal and $100 in cash. Students receive an e- certificate for appreciation and participation.

How much does Math Kangaroo test cost?

As per Math kangaroo 2021, the registration fee is $21. It consists of a $20 registration fee that is consistent for 23 years and $1 processing fee.

Pre- requisites for the exam

Besides basic computation skills, students also require inspiring ideas, perseverance, creativity and imagination, logical thinking and other problem- solving strategies.


How can one excel in the Math Kangaroo competition?

  • 1. Learn the basic concepts of Math
  • 2. Set a dedicated time for Kangaroo Math practice
  • 3. Attend mock tests
  • 4. Revise thoroughly
  • 5. Work on your speed
  • 6. Remain positive and stress- free
  • 7. Learn Mental Math tricks


Benefits of Mathematics Kangaroo

The test has thought- provoking Math problems developed by a skilled mathematics team. But the benefits go beyond the test:

  • 1. It helps younger children adapt themselves and get used to test- taking environment
  • 2. It adds value for a child applying for school exams or any academic programs
  • 3. It sharpens ability and skills of students.
  • 4. Since it is challenging test, it helps students to know their potential and flaws.
  • 5. This exam prepares students for any other competitive exam in future.
  • 6. Above all the Kangaroo Math competition is a tough challenge that is not so easy to get through.
  • 7. This helps students to shape up their personality by taking challenges and have confidence themselves.

Parents should definitely encourage their children to experience Kangaroo Math competition at least once in their lifetime to test their math skills and challenge themselves for problem solving. This will definitely go a long way in contributing their growth not only in their professional life but individual personal growth as well. Math Kangaroo will add a feather to your child’s cap when it comes to choosing their career.

To have a better clarity about the Math Kangaroo competition, here is the sample paper of the Math Kangaroo competition Grade 1 and 2. Go for it. All the Best!

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