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The IQ and Reasoning Academy (IRA) has trained over 500+ kids across the globe since the past 2 years, including kids based in United Kingdom and Australia for their entrance exams.

IRA has been founded by Neeta Khilnani. Neeta is an early child educator based in Mumbai, India. She completed her PG in Finance from National Institute of Industrial Engineering. In her equity research career spanning 8 years across firms such as CRISIL, Ventura Securities and Batlivala and Karani Securities, she independently authored numerous research reports across different sectors. Since 2020, she has shifted gears to coaching children aged 5 to 14 years on IQ Boosting, Logical Reasoning and Critical Thinking activities. Her book, ‘Activity Book for Brain Development – Based on Associative and Conceptual Learning techniques’ has received excellent reviews on Amazon.

She along with her team of young and talented tutors have coached over 500+ kids from India, China, United Kingdom, United States of America, Australia, UAE and Ghana, since launch.

IRA principles

  1. Professionalism
  2. Ethical
  3. Highest Quality
  4. Child first approach
  5. Play-way learning

Little About Me

  • Coached 500+ kids across the globe on Logical Reasoning and Lateral Thinking in less than 2 years of launching my IQ Booster workshops.
  • Exclusive one to one training on verbal and non-verbal reasoning for kids based in the United Kingdom, helping them prepare for reasoning assessment exams for entrance to top ranked schools
  • Authored two children's books - 'Activity Book for Brain Development - based on Associative and Conceptual learning techniques' which consists 75 innovative, engaging activities supplementing school curriculum for 4 to 7 years and 'Colour Hunt' - an intelligent colouring book with two fun games and gk riddles - available on Amazon.
  • Nearly a decade of analytical experience; started my equity research career with CRISIL, India's largest rating agency
  • Cleared CFA (US), Level 1
  • Academic topper - rank holder in high school and topped my graduation college for all the three years.

How it started

Over the past three years, I invested in a number of activity books to keep my son gainfully occupied. However, I gradually realised that these books cover similar concepts in different designs. With this in mind, I started conceptualising and creating activities which were different - in many aspects.

I created situations such as escape from the room riddles - where you have to solve a riddle and put the code on the door to open it, puzzles such as crack the codes - where you have to find out the hiiden relationship between two different things, Picture reading - turning into a detective and scouting the picture for the answers to my not so straightforward questions and Logical Reasoning - spotting patterns in alphabets, numbers and pictures - which essentially encompasses verbal and non-verbal reasoning, as we know it. He absolutely loved doing them which encouraged me to keep at it. And the rest, as they say is history!

We are proud to be led by a team of talented women

Iq and Reasoning academy team

Neeta Khilnani

Founder, Content Incharge
Iq and Reasoning academy team

Kashish Sukhwani

Iq and Reasoning academy team

Kanchan Gohil

Blog Writer
Iq and Reasoning academy team

Abhiranjini BA

Iq and Reasoning academy team

Priyal Patel

Iq and Reasoning academy team

Jyoti Mishra

Iq and Reasoning academy team

Samiksha Sharma




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The journey has just began

My journey of spreading quality education far and wide has just began. And you are in it as much as I am. The consistency with which you do these activities will determine you child's progress and my aim of bringing about an all round holsitic brain development in the crucial formative years. I keep reminding parents, that more than the correct answer, it is the thought process that matters. Give your child an opportunity to solve these activities independently and help them discover the genius within!

A Linkedin message like this makes me realise that I am headed in the right direction - " I'm big on technology within primary education in the UK. I recently visited a young boy and he was deep in your book- I love it!! Both stimulating and relevant, I thought I'd send a quick note- would be great to connect."

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