As the coronavirus pandemic hit the world, parents were worried about how their kids would thrive without physical education. How would their future be without access to tuitions, sports, and the extracurricular classes that they were attending? But looks like, the pandemic has opened up a plethora of options for kids and parents.

The pandemic has opened up opportunities for kids to pick up multiple skills through online classes. The COVID pandemic has directly affected our children’s education, but fortunately, e-learning has allowed education to continue. From educational lessons to life skills; the digital space has many online courses to help utilise your kid’s time during the quarantine period and ahead.

Benefits of online classes
1) Time-saving classes at your comfort: With the single click of a button, your kid can access a
whole reservoir of online classes at the comfort of their home. Also, you can take your
classroom anywhere without dealing with the traffic.
2) Teaches important life skills: Online classes also help kids to learn important life skills in their
growing years that help to form a strong knowledge base for their future. They learn to wait for their turn and give an opportunity to others to speak.
3) Independent learning: Online classes not only allows us to learn the subject we want, but
they also teach students how to learn. Children develop the necessary skills to acquire
knowledge more effectively and independently.
4) Ideal for introvert kids: Kids who are submissive and introverts often avoid group discussions
in the normal classroom. But in a virtual class, introverts have a greater chance to
communicate and participate in interactions between teachers and students.

I am listing below the top 5 online classes which will keep your kid’s brain on the go and be useful for his overall growth. The e-learning classes will work best for kids between 5 to 12 years of age.

Top 5 online learning options

1) Learn chess online: Whether your child is a beginner or a prodigy at chess, they can learn
this mind empowering game in a fun and easy way online. They can hop onto this platform
to find a well-matched opponent from around the world anytime. The courses library has
entertaining videos that teach different tactics of the game. This is a great way to learn
patience, plan strategies, and improve critical thinking skills for your kid. I highly recommend the Knight Chess Academy for chess coaching. Having been associated with them for a long time now, I can vouch for the professionalism, work ethics and the calibre of the team. You can check out their website here.

2) Drawing for kids age 5+ years: By enrolling your child into online drawing classes you will
actually be working on the child’s hand-eye coordination and self-expression skills. In any
drawing class, each lesson is taught by a step-by-step drawing method that does not require
any prerequisite skills and is easy to follow. With the help of these drawing classes and with
minimal parental assistance the child will walk out drawing some masterpieces all by

3) Foreign language: Parents can always discover a foreign language learning program online if
their child is interested. If you are traveling parents, teaching a foreign language to your
child will definitely give an upper hand in his resume in the future. Learning different
cultures other than yours exposes you to a horizon of perspectives towards life and career.
Your child will grow as a more confident and versatile human being in his academic future. In
an ever-changing world learning a foreign language always works as a confidence booster.
Give it a try!

4) Vedic Maths: Vedic Maths is an ancient system of education native to India. It has been
popular all over India due to the highlight of making calculations easier and quicker. Due to
this many schools have made it a part of the curriculum. Some of the courses are exclusively designed to prepare kids to crack competitive exams in the future due to their faster calculation system.

5) Logical Reasoning courses: Introducing logical reasoning to your child helps develop critical
thinking, analytical skills, encourages creativity and innovation. It helps make your child
more decisive. Logical reasoning has become a vital testing parameter in competitive exams,
campus recruitments, etc, reasoning courses like Olympiad help children to stand out from
the crowd thereby building a strong foundation. Try cracking one of the activities made by a child post my Reasoning worksop.

These are the details of my workshops: 

  1. 12 sessions – IQ and Life Skills workshop for 5 to 7 years divided into 5 years and 6-7 years. Day wise schedule of the 12 sessions: Day 1 to Day 4 : Reasoning based Activities, Picture Reading, Memory Games, GK based Riddles and Puzzles, Sudoku, Treasure Hunt, fun Brain Games
    Day 5: Clock fundamentals and activities based on Clock
    Day 6: Calendar and activities
    Day 7 and Day 8: Fun with Numbers – Mathematics based, Addition, Subtraction, Number Place
    Day 9 and Day 10 – Introduction to Measurements and activities around it; Money and Savings activities
    Day 11 – Shapes and Patterns
    Day 12 – Data Reading

2. Brain Trips Workshop for 6 to 8 years Brain Trips for 6 to 8 years – a unique, innovative workshop packed with learning and lots of fun

Set 1
1. Trip to Space, National Park and Under the ocean
2. Learn about Space, planets, animals, birds, water and sea animals
3. Solve Reasoning and Brain Boosting activities

Set 2
Trip to Palace, Desert and Around the World
1. Learn about desert and places around the world
2. Packed with Reasoning and Smart Thinking activities

310 sessions IQ + Math Workshop with books and flashcards from Luma World: 
Day 1 to Day 4: Logical Reasoning, Crack the Code, Picture Reading, Memory Games, Sudoku, Treasure hunt and General Knowledge based brain games.

Day 5 and Day 6: Escape Rooms – Escape through a maze of rooms by solving some out of the box Math and Reasoning activities.

Day 7 and Day 8: Detective Series – Turn into a detective and crack the mystery of the stolen treasure!

Day 9 and Day 10: Treasure Hunt  – The clues in a jungle lead to a secret treasure – will you be able to find it?

4Reasoning Workshop for 8 to 12 years + 30 practice questions

Reasoning skills are an essential aspect of critical thinking – they boost focus, observation and problem solving skills fostering overall mental aptitude development.
In this workshop, we will take kids through 4 main branches of reasoning based activities: Visual, Verbal, Numerical and Logical through a quiz show format – to maximize fun with learning!

2 sessions dedicated to each Reasoning branch to give good exposure on the topic. Plus get access to 30 reasoning questions for practice. 

Day 1 to Day 2: Verbal Reasoning

Day 3 and Day 4: Numerical Reasoning
Day 5 and Day 6: Visual Reasoning
Day 7 and Day 8: Logical Reasoning 

If any of the above interests you, you can reach out to me by filling the below form.

    I personally recommend learning these potential building subjects online. They are worth giving a
    try. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed education forever, but do not let your child suffer this
    change. With the distinctive rise in virtual learning, teaching is undertaken remotely on digital
    platforms. According to research, online learning has been shown to increase the retention of
    information and takes less time to process it. It’s only the parents who have to be proactive to
    promote and channel it to their children effectively.

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